What is RSS?

This site should explain it for you. I recommend using Google Reader for reading & managing RSS feeds.

What are the “search terms” from my Last.fm profile?

This tool takes your overall top 100 artists and all of your tags and uses them as search terms.

Why are my matches not quite perfect?

A lot of posts on legalfreemusic.tumblr.com have a “RIYL” (Recommended If You Like) line which is usually the basis for matches in this tool. However, this line is not required by contributors, nor is it in any way marked differently to the rest of the post. Therefore, the best this tool can do to match a post is just to do a full text search based on the terms from your Last.fm profile. This often works just fine, but for artists such as Live or Free, it may result in a number of false matches because of text in the post that just happens to match these artist names, while not specifically referring to these artists. Similarly, if the post were to contain As Cities Burn, a search term such as Cities would still be incorrectly matched.

I am hoping that the submission format may become a bit more structured over time which will allow more accurate matching.

Why don’t you also filter [name of other legal free music downloads site here] posts?

I don’t know of any other good, free, legal music blogs. If you have found another good one, please contact me and I might try and add it to this tool.